How To: Tie your running shoes the right way

Tie your running shoes the right way

You've been tying your shoes for years but did you know you could be tying them the wrong way. This guide is going to show you how to make a reef knot in your shoes instead of a granny knot. To figure out whether or not you need shoe lace training look at the knot you make, if it sits evenly on foot with the bows going left and right then you've got a reef knot. If your laces go north and south and point towards your toes then you need to watch the guide. Step 1, is to make a starter knot, which just means you cross the 2 laces and loop one under the other. Step 2, is make a loop with either the right or left lace it doesn't matter which one you pick. Now step 3, the most important step is to take the lace not in the loop and wrap it around the back of the loop and then pull the two loops through, which if done correctly should make a perfect reef knot. If you've been doing it that way and getting a granny knot then change it so you wrap the lace around the loop from the front side and then pull through.

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