How To: Do the "sixes & sevens" treadmill workout

Do the "sixes & sevens" treadmill workout

Follow along as Budd Coates shows us a workout designed to teach us to run faster over tough inclines. The workout is called Sixes and Sevens. -After a 15-20 minute workout on the treadmill increase the incline of the treadmill to 6%. We are going to do this at a Marathon Pace for 90 seconds. -Then take a one minute recovery at 0% incline. -Then boost the incline up to 7%, do this at a Marathon Pace for one minute. -Then take another recovery for two minutes at 0% incline. -That is considered one cycle, your goal should be about four cycles during your first workout. Add another cycle every couple of weeks. -In case you do not know what a marathon pace is, it is the pace at which you completed your last marathon. -At the end of every workout do a cool down for 10-15 minutes. Just follow this workout and you will be running faster over tough inclines in no time.

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